What are the scope of certification that the customs inspection system will follow?



        First, when the record has been handed over to check the business license of the enterprise and obtained the record qualification certificate, when the export declaration re-certification business scope of the practical significance?

        Second, the food safety law only stipulates the filing of food production enterprises and raw material planting enterprises (including relative business scope), but does not specify the filing or business scope of operating enterprises (exporters).

        It is not difficult to see, if all unit has binding sex regulation to export enterprise, also be opposite the effective certificate that competent orgnaization undertakes examination and approval to its business limits to examine and approve to allow import and export thereby, and in legal and legal framework of clear regulation, here still did not have system of custom check what matter. Therefore, even if there is no clear regulation, medical machinery operating enterprises (non-manufacturers) are not required to have this business scope.

        In addition, in view of the products included in the catalog of export license administration, in the business enterprises apply for export license to the ministry of commerce, if there have to international business unit will have relative to its export qualification certificate to carry out the examination and approval, such as according to the examination and approval have received by to apply for export license and export customs declaration formalities, is the customs inspection system will continue to enterprise business scope of examination and approval again? Do you think there is also a question that the approval process of the international business unit is not very good? Don't forget, the customs inspection system is only implemented units, not audit units.

        The customs inspection system does not stipulate the relative business scope of the sender in the region for the inspection of the goods in the export law, only the sender in the region can do the inspection in the city where the manufacturer is located. He's going to look at the scope, right?

        Assuming that the customs inspection system really needs to see the exporter's business scope, there is no need to give you to submit the business license, why? Senders in all areas must apply to the customs inspection system for the registration of export declaration enterprises to be able to export declaration. Did the comrade that the enterprise applies for to register to register a process people understand, in the whole process that applies for handling formerly, be sure to press the business scope of business charter of the enterprise to copy on filing application form word by word, wrong a word is bad, do not ask me how to judge. And the current situation is, the enterprise in the application for industrial and commercial registration of the other use is to do customs inspection system application registration, once the use of the business license after the enterprise business scope will step to the customs inspection system system software, with your export declaration to the customs inspection system to see? !

        Naturally, can one kind of condition is the business scope in business charter of enterprise business and system of custom check does not accord with basic information, it is after you change business scope did not deal with application of system of custom check to apply for registration to change immediately. According to the requirement of article 31 of order no. 221 of general administration of customs inspection system, still remember to carry out within 30 days, otherwise the maximum penalty is 10,000 yuan.

        Maybe it will continue. Some people say that people need to look at the business license of a manufacturing company in order to think carefully. Have you ever considered, get medical treatment machinery to apply for registration of goods, its match enterprise does not have management approval and production license, the state food and drug administration will allow him trademark registration certificate? The flight inspection of the medical products administration is dozens of times more rigorous than the AEO verification of the customs inspection system. Even if the person of which important position in the enterprise does not have the relevant technical and professional education background, they will give you clean and tidy to put on the Internet, and the production and processing without the business scope? How dare you!

        So do you think the customs inspection system has to look at your business license? If it is a registered medical machine, not only the sender does not need to see, manufacturing enterprises do not need to see. There is no such need.

        It should be said that the customs inspection system really does not pay attention to the business scope of the enterprise is not certain, but the concern about the business scope is usually based on the risk control must, in some cases the customs inspection system does not look at the details of the commodity to determine that your product classification is not correct, will be with the sender's business scope.