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as/RS System Planning and Design
Intelligent Shelf Custom
Stacker in Automated Warehouse
Stacker in Automated Warehouse
as/RS System Planning and Design
Intelligent Shelf Custom
Stacker in Automated Warehouse
Stacker in Automated Warehouse

as/RS System Planning and Design for Intelligent Shelf Custom Stacker in Automated Warehouse

Parameter of stacker:
Rated lifting weight: 10-350;
Container size A x Bx H (mm) : arbitrary;
Horizontal running speed (m/min) 240/360 (frequency conversion, servo);
Lifting speed (m/min) : 60/80/120/180(frequency conversion, servo);
Fork expansion speed (m/min) : 60/80(frequency control);
Acceleration (m/s2) Horizontal V 5; Vertical H 3;
Fork form: Single fork, double fork, finger fork, drawer type fork;
communication mode Far infrared communication, wireless communication;
Operation mode of warehouse entr Choose type; Unit; The hybrid

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Stacking crane has the following characteristics:
1. High operating efficiency
Stacking crane is a special equipment for three-dimensional warehouse, with high handling speed and storage and storage speed. It can complete the loading and unloading operation in a short time. The maximum running speed of stacking crane can reach 500m/min.
2. Improve warehouse utilization
The small size of the stacking crane can operate in the tunnel with small width, and it is also suitable for high shelf operation, which can improve the utilization rate of the warehouse.
3. Highly automated
The stacking crane can be controlled remotely without manual intervention. It is highly automated and easy to manage.
4. Stability is good
The stacking crane has high reliability and good stability when working.
Operation mode editing
The rack system of stacking crane should be numbered according to the position of the row, layer and row of the rack, in order to realize the automatic entry and exit to the designated position, and also to make use of the electronic computer to manage in the warehouse. In fact, most of the latest large stereo automatic warehouses are managed by electronic computers. However, in order to save equipment investment, manual control and semi-automatic control are still adopted in most small automatic warehouses.
I. Manual control
Manual control means that the driver checks the cargo position number while operating the control handle or button to complete walking, lifting and forking in and out of the stacking crane on the driver's platform.
Second, semi-automatic control
When the driver presses the button of the required cargo position number on the platform of the stacking crane, the crane will automatically complete various movements of walking and lifting and stop at the designated cargo position number. The movement of the fork in and out is controlled by a manual joystick or a button. Most of the return action is to press the return button to automatically return to the original position.
3. Full automatic control
This is a form of unmanned control, the control panel mounted outside the crane, with buttons or punch CARDS as instructions. Therefore, as long as the starting button is pressed, the remote control crane can be automatically stacking warehouse movement. Recently, there are also storage devices such as magnetic core storage to store the stock or variety of each position number for in-store management.
Computer control
The ground control panel directly connected with the electronic computer is set up, and the incoming and outgoing instructions are input into the electronic computer for centralized control. The incoming and outgoing instructions issued by the electronic computer are stored in the front box calculator on the ground control panel. While the calculator controls the stacking crane to automatically bring the target goods into and out of the warehouse, it also carries out the calculation of the incoming and outgoing goods position number, variety, number and so on to implement the warehouse management.
In large stereo automatic warehouse, this kind of management mode is often adopted. In the now built small independent shelf type

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