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Automatic sorting machine in the new era of modular technology


     In China's logistics information technology, the past decade belongs to the rapid development of the trend stage. On the one hand, due to the requirements of the sales market, such as food, cigarettes, pharmaceutical, cold chain logistics, e-commerce and other manufacturing industry rapid development trend; On the other hand, it is also due to the development of science and technology, especially the development trend of automation technology, computer software technology and Internet technology. If look from the Angle of logistic information technology, automatic sorting machine technology in the future for a long time will still be the most important research object, today people will analyze the automatic sorting machine in the new era characteristics of the development trend of the most important.

       One, the provisions of the sales market to the automatic sorting machine Automatic sorting system software has become a very extensive and critical solution for logistics enterprises. The rapid increase in the volume of parcels in express delivery companies in China is the fundamental reason for the rapid popularization of automatic sorting technology. According to the data, the total number of parcels in the national logistics industry in 2018 alone exceeds 50 billion pieces, which will show a trend of continuous growth in the future. Therefore, the software of automatic sorting system will still be in great demand in the market.

 Two, the professional promotion of automatic sorting machine

         Sorting transport equipment is one of the most common and important sorting machines in the sorting management center. With the continuous increase in labor costs, logistics companies will continue to explore and vigorously develop the application of automatic sorting machine. The application of automatic sorting machine is dominated by intelligence, and the actual sorting machine is the upgrading of flexible production and modular design.

         Nowadays, flexible production is an outstanding development trend in the freight logistics weapon equipment manufacturing industry, and the software of transportation sorting system is also developing towards modular design. Steel ball group belt sorting system software, high-speed shunt series products, the choice of parametric design, assembly, can be customized according to the plan, can be used in a variety of scenarios, a large number of continuous sorting, greatly save site facilities, equipment equipment costs and installation costs. High speed distributor series product sorting efficiency, up to 8000 pieces/hour, sorting success rate is 99.9%, sorting package net weight up to 60kg (the maximum can be customized to 100kg), suitable for e-commerce, logistics, industrial production and other manufacturing industries of small and medium-sized parts, light and heavy goods and other goods sorting.

  1. Automatic replacement of manual services: steel ball touching group with drainage matrix sorting

        Upgrade azimuth: the key azimuth is to replace the manual service sorting on the drainage matrix, and the key azimuth is to carry out the goods azimuth differentiation in the application of bar code loading equipment to load the bar code marking steel ball group band;

  1. Large items heavy cargo sorting weapon - high speed diverter

        The high speed diverter series product selects the parameter design, the multi-cylinder roller has the small space, not easy to card the goods, the damage is small, can sort the paper box, the parcel and so on each kind of goods, especially has the strong sorting ability to the special-shaped parts, the hard package, the large object heavy goods. According to different requirements and application fields, it can be divided into three categories: diverter, light load diverter and fast diverter.

        High speed diverter is used in the management center of freight and logistics sorter

        Among them, the splitter of all categories can sort parcels with the specification of 200*200*20-800*800*80b250m, with the sorting efficiency up to 5000 pieces/hour, and the larger sorting net weight up to 50kg. Light load shunt can sorting package is 1000 * 1000 * 80 b250m of large size, large parcel of 60 kg (100 kg) can be customized to the sorting, can very good sorting big heavy cargo express and freight logistics, fast shunt sorting efficiency maximum up to 10000 / hour, is a traditional tuo equipment production capacity (3000 / hour) 3 times, could be used in the loading and unloading into the library, logistics, warehousing logistics, express sorting, etc.

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