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Automatic sorting machine reasonable layout is more effective, long-term cost is lower


Automatic sorting machine together with data collection devices, can keep the cyst weighing, read quickly after sorting and information content record interactive work, to maintain the accurate identification and sorting of goods that reduce the actual operation, the artificial resolution, package sorting success rate than manual sorting, huge also reduce damage to the goods. The sorting system software of touch group adopts the excellent information content identification system, the sorting success rate reaches 99.9%, the surface layer adopts advanced materials, the damage to the objects is small, the damage rate of goods is basically 0.


 With traditional sorting management center of the road freight logistics work, fully automatic sorting machine can reasonable layout according to the effective overall planning, and loading, warehousing logistics, picking, packing and so on stage to produce an organic whole, can more effective use of facilities, profit maximization interior space use, greatly reduced the cost. In addition, automation equipment can be sustained for a long time, a large number of accurate work, instead of manual sorting, greatly reduce the cost of staff at all levels. With the sorting system software, the selection of parametric design, according to the needs of the order, easy assembly line, easy maintenance, according to the requirements of the site and business volume, flexible assembly, use period to 5-10 years, the rate of return cycle time is short, five years can recover the cost.

        Today, consumers can buy things much more easily than they used to, but for e-commerce platforms and freight logistics, that represents a much more complex goal. Under the development trend of e-commerce and new retail, more and more comprehensive order information sorting requires more complicated sorting methods, which is also one of the difficulties for many e-commerce platforms and freight logistics operators to deal with.

        When day reaches, hour reaches already became a part of the standard configuration of logistics distribution service. The size, net weight and appearance of the goods in this order information vary greatly, and the storage location is also different. Some goods even have to be prepared across warehouses and regions. Under such conditions, the sorting system software should also have the characteristics of high efficiency, high success rate, sufficient flexibility and flexible production of the sorting system software.

        Ii. Upgrade orientation of automatic sorting machines and equipment

        In recent years, the key point of sorting machine equipment upgrading is centralization: intelligentization and upgrading of small and medium-sized standard parts. The main manifestation of intelligentization in the sorting system software is in the ball module belt and its sorting and drainage matrix. Module belt sorting drainage matrix in freight logistics sorting has the advantages of flexible, detachable group, and now with a new type of sorting belt, in the credibility of the test and its coordination ability can be very good consideration of a lot of sorting requirements.

  1. Automation technology replaces manual labor: ball module with drainage matrix sorting

        Upgrade azimuth: the key azimuth is to replace manual sorting on the drainage matrix, and the key azimuth is to carry out the product azimuth differentiation by using the bar code loading machine and equipment to load the bar code marking ball module belt.

  1. Large items heavy cargo sorting weapon - high speed diverter

        The high speed diverter series product selects the parameter design, the multi-cylinder roller has the small space, not easy to card the goods, the damage is small, can sort the paper box, the parcel and so on each kind of goods, especially has the strong sorting ability to the special-shaped parts, the hard package, the large object heavy goods. According to different requirements and application fields, it can be divided into three categories: diverter, light load diverter and fast diverter.

  1. Control device

        The function of the control device is to distinguish, accept and solve the sorting data signal, label the sorting device according to the provisions of the sorting data signal, and carry out automatic classification of goods according to the commodity type, the commodity delivery address or the type of consignor. How this sorting requirements according to different methods, according to the barcode scanning, color code scanner, keyboard input, net weight inspection, speech recognition technology, aspect ratio and resolution methods, type in the automatic control system for the sorting, basis for the signal sorting data resolution, decision making it into a commodity to which a sorting crossings.

  1. Classification device

        Sorting device sorting device is by the control device out of the sorting label, when goods with the same sorting data signal through the device, the device posture, so that the change of the operating position on the transport device into other belt conveyor or into the sorting crossing. There are many types of classification devices, generally there are release type, floating type, skew type and branch type several types, different devices for sorting goods packaging products, packaging net weight, the smooth level of the bottom of the turnover material is not completely consistent.

  1. Transportation device

        Its key component is the conveyor belt or belt conveyor, its key effect is to make the whole line of goods to be sorted through the control device, classification device, and the two sides of the transport device, generally to connect multiple sorting crossings, so that the divided goods sliding down the main belt conveyor (or the main conveyor belt) to facilitate the subsequent work. Compared with other types of sorting machines and equipment, the sorting system software of steel ball touching group with drainage matrix is applied to this machine and equipment. Compared with other types of sorting machines and equipment, the category of parts type will be broader, the solving ability will be higher, and the picking efficiency will be higher.

  1. Sorting crossing

        Sorting crossings are the sorting of goods out of the main belt conveyor (or main conveyor belt) into the safe passage of the region, the steel ball touch group with cableway, make the goods from the main transport device sliding fixation of spell entrance, where by the guy in the crossing or into the repository storage, after all the goods centralized or equipping the loading and delivery work. The four parts of the above devices are connected together according to the computer network, and a detailed automatic sorting system software is formed by cooperating with each other in manual operation and relative manual solution stage.

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