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Do you know that the customs inspection system is going to go online?


 The new generation of customs inspection system software will be announced at 8:30 on November 30 this year. After the release of the system software, there will be major changes in the procedures of customs inspection. Lisheng technology here sorted out the key points, please pay attention to as much as possible!


  1. Apply for export as early as possible, and LCL will be exported as soon as possible. The new system is controlled by both ticket arrangement and box arrangement.
  2. New customs inspection system = original customs inspection + original country inspection.

        Part of the original inspection report will be assigned to the new customs inspection, and the new items of the original inspection report will still be inspected at the destination. Where there is both a national inspection and an inspection for the purpose, it is necessary to conduct a national inspection at the port of entry, and then carry out the inspection at the destination after the release.

  1. On the import level, it used to be that the goods subject to inspection were released by the customs first and then inspected. Now, if the goods subject to inspection are regarded as inspected by the customs, the goods are inspected first and then released.
  2. About the new system software cut list: since November 30, the customs department has not deployed control and inspection, all the control work has been transferred to the second property control department, and the actual operation steps are carried out by the land transfer within the customs, so it will take longer than the original actual operation.
  3. Starting from November 30, yangshan shall change the bill before checking it, and delete it after checking it. Since the customs cannot arrange control after the system is updated, it will take longer time to transfer all the items to the risk control division to gradually review the land transfer within the customs. Therefore, this kind of customs declaration documents yangshan small box in mind does not have to land on the island to enter the port.
  4. The inspection system will be upgraded this Sunday, which will endanger all normal customs clearance. It is proposed to close the application of customs declaration documents early on Friday. Export declaration is not recommended this Sunday.

      This new role will be the key to the system reform of the original customs and the original inspection and release of the role of fusion, released after the operation, the vast majority of customs declaration data by the system software automatic approval release. In view of the need for manual service inspection or the replacement of customs declaration materials, customs officers on the spot carry out unified actual operation inspection and release, and do not need to apply different system software, which not only reduces the actual operation time of customs officers on the spot, but also saves the company's customs clearance time. 

The customs inspection system carries out strict screening for the prevention and control of overseas cases

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