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The customs inspection system further improves the accuracy of customs control


StEarlier, the cuoms inspection system for large and medium-sized shipping containers was announced to be put into use at the customs vehicle inspection yard of the china-kazakhstan xinjiang horgos international border cooperation center, which greatly improved the efficiency of customs clearance of goods in and out of the zone.


According to statistics, "" customs inspection system for shipping container goods, to carry out the scanner imaging is a kind of according to the analysis of the computer image resolution in the physical is consistent with an application of the new inspection way, improve customs clearance efficiency, improve specific controls, a reasonable level, such as contraband goods were to crack down on criminal offenses will give full play to the key effect.

        Cooperation center closure operation up to now, a little more for the certificate, intelligent open and its various policies and preferential successive floor, attracting a lot of Chinese tourists and shops to xinjiang horgos project investment, vacation tourism. At present, daily turnover collaboration center car more than 200 vehicles, cope with the increasingly prominent freight, customs in collaboration center city games machines equipped with customs inspection system and declared open, ensure that both "tube" and "fast", this kind of non invasive examination method, further improve the customs control of air tightness test, effectiveness and timeliness.

        China-kazakhstan xinjiang huoerguos international border cooperation center for customs inspection department deputy director zhi-qiang ma said: in the center of the collaborative application of customs inspection system inspection machinery and equipment, improve the people's customs of human resource management, improve the inspection accuracy and the customs clearance efficiency, keep the real for in and out of the execution process industrial park the car and the goods described herein and directional control.

        Xu shaokun, director of cargo logistics at the gold port of commerce and trade city, who has been waiting for the inspection results, told reporters happily that now the customs inspection system can be used to apply for customs clearance procedures in less than 10 minutes. However, the inspection staff took only ten minutes to complete the inspection of the goods with an inspection machine equipment with a similar appearance plate. According to zhao zhihan, deputy director of xiyong customs inspection department, at the present stage, all the customs inspection work in chongqing customs district has been armed with mobile soldier system software, the company's customs clearance is not only convenient and save time, customs inspection more efficient and accurate.

        The mobile inspection system software is a portable mobile intelligent terminal machine and equipment used in the whole process of customs manual service inspection. It is an inspection operating system that records the inspection status in real time, submits inspection reports, and conducts on-the-spot parallel processing of the inspection goods, thus maintaining the electronic inspection work. Since the release and operation of the system software on May 24, 2020, chongqing customs has applied the system software to check 5 shipments.

        Xiyong customs inspection section officer yu xianhua to undertake the inspection of this batch of goods, his hand close to the plate of the machine equipment that is to move the soldier system software terminal equipment. However, yu xianhua moved the inspection control module on the plate and opened the corresponding customs declaration documents. The contents of the customs declaration information, the control command, the method of dumping the box, etc., could all be loaded immediately. At the same time, yu xianhua checked the basic information one by one in the system software and started to use it. Every three or five times, he used the built-in camera of the tablet computer to take photos of the knock box and the condition of the goods. It only took more than ten minutes to complete the inspection of the goods.

        "Previously very thick customs clearance documents are drilled into this small plate, which not only reduces the volume, but also improves the efficiency." "Yu xianhua took the machine and equipment on his hand to try," sampling and taking photos at any time, for the inspection of all the normal goods, people now do not need to go back and forth between the inspection field and the company office, can immediately prepare the inspection report, can immediately record the inspection information in the soldier system software, saving customs clearance time.

        In the import and export customs commissioner, a member of the Xiong Jie, move individual test system software to produce cost-effective is see clearly the mo see: "chongqing customs according to the operating system software check goods is moved, people can quickly received the goods from customs information content, able to work at the first time to carry out loading, greatly shorten the waiting time."

        Zhang jindong, deputy director of chongqing customs control and clearance department, said: "moving the software of the individual inspection system is a new exploration to further improve the high-tech level of customs inspection of weapons and equipment, and it is also a measure for people to build intelligent customs and intelligent inspection. The application of it not only enables the company to enjoy the convenience and speed of customs clearance with new technologies, improves the efficiency of customs clearance, but also improves the clarity and legal effect of customs inspection, and maintains the opportunity control, accurate control, hidden control and no sense of customs clearance.

Do you know that the customs inspection system is going to go online?

The customs inspection system carries out strict screening for the prevention and control of overseas cases

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