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The customs inspection system will be used for customs transactions


        The customs inspection system is not easy to look at your business scope, it is not useful. But does that mean no one else CARES? Of course not!

        In the beginning, people said that there is no business scope of the buyer, the medical machinery of the purchase of materials tax receipts is a difficult problem, and only the accounting personnel have to deal with the problem. On the other hand, without this business scope will continue to cause unable to apply for export tax refund, but also to be regarded as import tax levied 13%, very simple. For this question, please ask the accounting staff of your company.

If the company's earnings can cover the 13% income tax, or even get rid of it, that's not to mention the scope of the business.

        Does the customs check system also want to manage whether I can export drawback?

        The fourth part, the provisions in the public notice on March 26

        According to the full text published on March 26 by the ministry of commerce's customs inspection system and the state food and drug administration on the orderly export of medical materials, the fifth of this year, there is an independent sentence: "the customs inspection system shall release medical devices with the registration certificate approved by the drug regulatory unit." This actually has three levels of meaning:

        First, the customs inspection system only checks the registration certificate of medical device products themselves and does not assume the control obligation of quality and business scope like that of legal inspection products. Have register card, register card is true and credible, commodity is not counterfeit and shoddy product is ok, this completed the obligation of system of custom check. For your product quality problems and business scope is not compliance management, it is by the state food and drug administration and state market supervision quality supervision general administration.

        Second, it is an independent sentence, and considering the publication of the key "orderly conduct" means that the export discipline of medical devices products is not the product quality nor the business scope. The customs inspection system has not yet been given too much authority, except for certification.

        Third, the key concern of the regulatory authorities in the export of medical machinery is that the product quality is not the sender's business scope. If the goods are up to standard and not traded by state-owned enterprises, who exports badly?

        Perhaps at the moment there is also a keyboarder to say that you immediately export declaration, the customs inspection system has the right to check your business license and so on. However, please do not forget that there is a standard standard in Chinese law -- for Chinese citizens, no prohibition means approval, and for state power, no approval means prohibition. The customs inspection system has no legal provisions and qualifications to abuse its power to examine things that are not within its purview, such is the business scope of the consignee.

        Often feel customs inspection system administration "forced to cancel" a member of the import and export customs commissioner licence test is a very regret things, this let many practitioners of customs affairs and pseudo customs affairs practitioners without the access threshold, there is no accepted customs examination system expertise permeates all export customs declaration manufacturing industry. Many people dare to spam, many people dare to turn around, and many more people dare to promiscuous letter. Fundamental standards, limits, and judgment were lost.

        In this fast-paced era, I hope that the practitioners of export declaration to keep a calm mind and relativity and solid accumulation of basic theories, so as to be able to carry out objective discrimination in the face of difficulties, not be confused by rumors and false information content.

The customs inspection system carries out strict screening for the prevention and control of overseas cases

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