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What are the characteristics of sorting machine equipment and system?


  1. Automatic sorting machine typing equipment: the selected commodities are sent into the sorting system software by belt conveyor.
  2. Storage shelf data signal setting equipment: before the goods are picked into the sorting machine, the data signal setting equipment (keyboard input, laser scanning bar code, etc.) will first type the sorting information content (such as delivery arrival station, customer account name, etc.) into the central government control board of the electronic computer.


  1. Cargo handling equipment: or feeder, it carries the selected commodities into the sorting conveyor belt in a balanced manner. In addition, it makes the commodities gradually speed up to the sorting conveyor belt.

  4.automatic sorting machine: it is the behavior of the automatic sorting machine, including transmission equipment and sorting machine two parts. The former function is to deliver the goods to the location of the sorting crossing; The latter function is to take the goods to the sorting gate.


 5. automatic sorting machine sorting crossing: is the sorting conveyor belt to accept the equipment of goods. Temporary storage of goods not taken away, when the sorting crossing is full, by the photocell control blocking the sorting of goods has not entered the sorting crossing.


  6. electronic computer control board: is the transmission solution and control of all sorting system software command system. The key to the execution of automatic sorting is to send the sorting data wirelessly to the opposite sorting crossing, and mark the starting sorting machine to send the goods to the crossing. The operation method of sorting machine in logistics transportation management center is mainly the differential signal tracking method.


        Automatic sorting machine system software three characteristics


        (1) able to sort goods continuously and in large quantities


        Application in the production of automatic sorting machine for selection of the production line fully automatic working methods, automatic sorting system was not influenced by climate, time, energy and so on limit, continuous operation, the other for automatic sorting system per unit time sorting the product quantity, thus sorting work ability of automatic sorting system is last for over one hundred hours, 7000 per hour can be sorting packing goods, such as using artificial service is only sorting 150 pieces per hour, sorting staff also can not continue to work under this kind of labor efficiency in 8 hours.


        (2) the sorting error is extremely low


        Automatic sorting machine sorting size error of the system software is the key to the information content type sorting accuracy of size, it is the sorting information content type system, if choose artificial service computer keyboard typing or voice recognition methods, the error in 3% above, if choose barcode scanning type, unless there is a bar code of packaging and printing itself have any errors, otherwise it is not easy to mistake. Therefore, the current stage of automatic sorting system key to choose bar code technology to identify the goods.


        (3) the basis of sorting work shall be kept intelligent


        One of the purposes of establishing automatic sorting system overseas is to reduce the application of staff, relieve the labor efficiency of staff and improve the application efficiency of staff. Therefore, the automatic sorting system can reduce the application of staff to the greatest extent and guarantee the intelligence of the foundation. Cross belt sorting machine cross belt sorting machine has a variety of forms, generally more widely for a car double product put type, that is, a car above each section of the vertical belt, can not only each section of the belt to move a cysts can also be moved together with each section of the belt to move a cysts. Under the condition that each section of the belt is closed and moved to a cyst, the position of the cyst can be made consistent with the sorting position according to the position of each section of the belt in the sorting machine to reduce the spacing of the lattice. The advantage of the cross belt sorting machine is that the noise is low, the range of goods can be sorted is wide, according to the multilateral package to improve the qualified mouth can maintain a larger working capacity of about 20,000 pieces per hour. However, the defects are also more significant, that is, the project cost is more expensive, high maintenance costs.

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