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What are the keys to the automatic sorting machine system?


  1. Drainage matrix sorting system software composed of production line

        Role: the key is suitable for the sorting of small, medium and post-package, and it is the key equipment of the sorting management center.

  1. Loading, unloading and handling telescopic belt conveyor

        Effect: loading, unloading and handling can be telescopic into the car, speed up the speed of the loading and unloading car, after the production line drainage matrix

  1. Three-floor production line + sorting cabinet

        Function: the three-layer production line is generally connected to the weighing platform after the hand-made package of small and medium-sized standard parts flow into the rough division;

  1. Weigh and print the pad

        Function: carry out weighing or net weight check for goods purchased; Generally, the third layer should be connected to the plane line;

        Ii. Upgrading direction of traditional sorting to contemporary sorting

  1. Traditional freight logistics sorting method

        Traditional freight logistics work focuses on the actual manual operation, with the help of manual forklifts, pallet trucks and other simple manual equipment to carry out repeated, long-term, human resource consumption of sorting work. Automation technology level is low, workflow and specification are not standard, do not produce detailed system software work.

  1. Development trend of sorting machine

        Sorting machine sorting is relative to traditional freight logistics sorting, more emphasis on the use of automation technology equipment in the important links, produce detailed sorting transport system software, in addition to other stages of connection, produce into the warehouse, in and out of the whole step of the automated technical work.

        (1) intelligent system of freight logistics equipment

        Since the year of upgrading express company equipment key centralized upgrading direction: intelligence and small and medium-sized standard upgrade actual operation. Intelligentization is mainly the substitution of manual labor for AGV, guide rail slider sorting, and ball touch band. This part applies the key to centralized drainage matrix sorting. Small and medium-sized standard parts are mainly intelligent robots to replace the cross belt automatic sorting machine, large and medium-sized parts are mainly DWS automatic weighing volume to replace the manual weighing precision measurement.

        (2) drainage matrix sorting: ball touch group with sorting machine

        Upgrade direction: the key direction is to replace manual sorting on the drainage matrix, and the key direction is to apply the bar code loading equipment to load the bar code marking ball bearing band to carry out the direction of goods.

        (3) intelligent robot small and medium-sized standard parts sorting machine

        Upgrade direction: get rid of the fixed method of the cross-belt automatic sorting machine, disassemble, install, update and transform the large indoor space; Intelligent robot sorting composition method and indoor space utilization degree; Why do > express companies become faster and faster? Automatic sorting machine saves over 50% time

        With the development of science and technology, the delivery rate of express companies is becoming faster and faster. From online to offline promotion, the time of commodity circulation enterprises is gradually reduced. All this is due to the development trend of intelligent freight logistics system. Logistics enterprises from labor intensive to technical labor intensive, from the traditional carpet bombing to the automation of intelligent system upgrade, and the application of automatic sorting machine, is the important to improve the efficiency of freight logistics.

        E-commerce Courier company sorting management center - touch group with sorting system software

  1. Automatic sorting machine can greatly reduce sorting time and improve work efficiency

        Mainstream product express logistics enterprises have long applied a full set of automated freight logistics sorting lines, automated freight logistics transport equipment. Automated freight logistics equipment, can greatly reduce the working time, less in the middle of the capital turnover phase, improve work efficiency. For example, the steel ball group with automatic sorting system software and high speed diverter series products can achieve a maximum sorting efficiency of more than 8000 pieces per hour, which is 8 times higher than the manual efficiency and can save more than 70% of the labor. According to the parallel line sorting, drainage matrix sorting, from loading and unloading trucks into the warehouse to loading and unloading, all steps according to the sorting conveyor.

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