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What kind of intelligent storage sorting machine does it have?


   With the rapid development trend of freight logistics in China, the rapid development trend of domestic logistics companies, namely sf express, jd express and xitong yida, is to continue to improve themselves and improve their own freight logistics infrastructure construction as the driving force, in China's logistics industry in a deep level. This time will introduce in detail the logistics industry infrastructure construction in a very critical link - sorting phase, to talk about the kinds of intelligent storage sorting machine.

  1. Cross belt sorting machine

        Cross belt sorting machine has a lot of forms, generally more widely for a car double product put type, that is, a car above each section of the vertical belt, can not only each section of the belt to move a cysts can also be a section of the belt together to move a cysts. Under the condition that each section of transmission belt is closed and transported to a cyst, the bearing and sorting bearing phase of the cyst can be made according to the preposition of the bearing of each section of transmission belt in the sorting machine to reduce the spacing of the lattice.

        The advantage of the cross belt sorting machine is that the sorting efficiency, the range of goods can be sorted is wide, according to the multilateral package qualified mouth can maintain a large capacity of about 20,000 pieces per hour. However, the defects are also significant, that is, the project cost is expensive, high maintenance costs, only the following 5kg of goods sorting.

  1. Automatic sorting machine of steel ball touch group belt

        It is composed of several modular design belts and a universal ball ball. In vertical transport, the goods are transported in the steel ball group to ensure that the goods can be connected to transport; As shown in the figure, the steel ball group belt sorting system software, the equipment is used in the drainage matrix sorting, compared with other types of sorting machine, the category of parts will be broader, the ability to solve the work will be higher, the picking efficiency is higher, is more than 2.5 times the rate of manual service; At the level of high quality sorting, the damage rate is also very low, the damage rate is not more than one. High accuracy to the object, according to the bottom of the friction driver, no impact, contact point object damage less.

  1. Slider sorting machine

        Sliding block sorting machine is a unique way of partition board conveyor. The surface of the conveyor is composed of metal partition board or water pipe, such as bamboo mat, and on each partition board or water pipe with a guide slider made of hard raw materials, can be dragged along the board. Usual slider to terminate in the side of the conveyor, the slider below there are pin and guidance under the partition board poles, according to the computer system control, when the goods arrived in a specific way brake was sorting, control panel to get the guidance slider a tidy automatic conveyor the opposite side of the drag, push the goods sorting way brake, which is to draw the main conveyor products. Sliding block sorting machine suitable for cardboard boxes such as hard goods.

  1. Block plate sorting machine

        Block plate type sorting machine is the use of a partition (gear bar) to block the goods moving forward on the conveyor, the goods will be correctly guided to the side of the ropeway row out of the sorting machine. Partition is generally installed on both sides of the conveyor, and the conveyor on the plane does not touch, even in the actual operation also only touch the goods and do not touch the transport surface of the conveyor, so it is available for most types of conveyor. As far as the baffle itself is concerned, is not the same way, if there is a straight line, curve chart, is also in the baffle work surface with a barrel or smooth plastic material, in order to reduce friction. In a detailed software automation technology of logistics system, logistics software automated sorting system is one of the important key logistics automation machinery and equipment, from automation technology, actual effect of present automatic assembly line sorting machine efficiency is above 3 times of artificial, sorting machine automation technology of high efficiency above 6 times that of manual sorting. This time, people will talk about the software of freight logistics automatic sorting system according to this stage.

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