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What should the new customs inspection system pay attention to


The original inspection and inspection report, part of the national inspection belongs to the new China customs inspection system, the original inspection and inspection of the new items, still to the destination inspection. Where there is both state inspection and inspection for the purpose, it is necessary for the port area to do state inspection well and, after the release, carry out the inspection at the destination.


  1. What are the changes of the "check 4 system software" on the inspection and inspection of the mobile and physical inspection and the inspection of the Chinese customs compared with the original?

        In the past, the goods subject to inspection were first released by the Chinese customs and then inspected. Now, if the goods subject to inspection are regarded as inspected by the Chinese customs, and the goods are inspected first and then released, the delivery time will be increased later, and the cost of the port area and the detention fee will be increased.

        If there is no problem in the inspection of the goods, the port area shall bear all the expenses for the inspection, excluding the storage fee and stalling fee caused by the inspection.

        If the inspection of goods is not good, all the expenses caused by the inspection of goods shall be borne by the recipient.

  1. What should customs declaration companies pay attention to when making documents after the release of "check system software"?

        Customs declaration company in the preparation of documents, there is involved in the destination detection, the code can not be written wrong. If cannot decide, can not fill, the default setting on the computer is outer harbor detects. Specific goods must be the destination to check out the certificate! After the application of destination code, the computer will automatically push the message to the destination to check the destination, and the transportation team will pick up the goods and check the destination. Application is not correct, the transfer of customs declaration documents will be very inconvenient, as far as possible attention!

  1. What are the characteristics of manual inspection in the whole process of "check four system software"?

        Manually check the site at 8:30 am. The Chinese customs receives the order, issues the order, takes out the box the stipulation high, the inspection stipulation = the original Chinese customs nine gongge + the country inspection stipulation new item. After the inspection of the new system, the system software has a delay in the whole process, the release order can not be received, several times, no problem has not been released, to the customs clearance section manual release.

  1. What are the characteristics of yangshan manual inspection in the whole process of "check four system software"?

        After the release of yangshan "check four system software" on November 30, the company conducted a trial according to the reservation of the manager in Shanghai port. When distributing the check plan for the import boxes in yangshan port, the company had to select the relevant Chinese customs department of the inspected goods.

  1. What should the company pay attention to during the transition period of the new generation of inspection system software?

        Transition period dangerous goods, food category suggested that the organization code does not have to be selected from different places (according to the early implementation feedback work experience).

        If there is one inspection for the group export declaration, all the bill of lading Numbers shall be examined and released at the same time.

        After receiving the release receipt form of the Chinese customs inspection system, it is necessary to conduct the destination inspection according to "customs clearance treasure".

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