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Rear - towed AGV mobile robot
Automatic logistics handling
Automatic logistics handling
Rear - towed AGV mobile robot
Automatic logistics handling
Automatic logistics handling

Rear - towed AGV mobile robot/Automatic logistics handling

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product presentation :
The AGV is a transport vehicle equipped with electromagnetic or optical guidance devices, which can travel along the specified guidance path, with safety protection and various load shifting functions.In industrial applications, a carrier truck without a driver is powered by a rechargeable battery.Generally, it can control its route and behavior through a computer, or it can set up its route by using an electromagnetic track, which is glued to the floor, and an unmanned van can move and move according to the information brought by the electromagnetic track.

AGV is characterized by wheeled mobility. Compared with walking, crawling or other non-wheeled mobile robots, AGV has the advantages of fast movement, high working efficiency, simple structure, strong controllability and good safety.Compared with other equipment commonly used in material transportation, the mobile area of AGV does not need to be equipped with fixed devices such as track and support frame, and is not limited by site, road and space.Therefore, in the automated logistics system, can fully reflect its automaticity and flexibility, to achieve efficient, economical, flexible unmanned production.
Product Advantages:
1) High accuracy. Based on vision SLAM technology, advanced underlying algorithm and motion control are applied to achieve positioning accuracy up to ±5mm and navigation accuracy up to ±10mm, which can meet most high-precision operation requirements.
2) Less transformation. There is no need to lay magnetic stripe, reflector plate, or transform the vehicle and shelf on site. The vehicle body is upgraded without humanization by means of external installation. The on-site transformation is less and the project cycle is short.
3) High efficiency. Handling speed up to 2m/s, fast in and out of storage, fast turning connection;
4) Low cost. Support old forklift unmanned upgrade and transformation, realize free asset utilization, and meet 7X24 hours of uninterrupted work, reduce operating costs;
5) Be flexible. Mature visual positioning, control and perception technologies can be adaptive to complex scenes of man-machine collaboration with various functions, docking various automatic equipment (such as automatic baling machine, automatic palletizing machine, automatic elevator, etc.), easily docking with the current WMS/ERP system;
6) Safer. Strictly follow the international safety design standards, dual system control, five safety protection.
Recommended industries: E-commerce logistics, third-party logistics, bonded warehouse, retail, FMCG, 3C manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical, automobile manufacturing, new energy
Main functions: multi-machine scheduling, equipment docking, plane handling, material detection, vehicle detection, shelf detection, safety obstacle avoidance, automatic charging
Application: Flat handling of goods between warehouses and production lines in logistics and manufacturing industries.
product overview:
Main functions: traction AGV, single forward, in a straight road can realize the back function, automatic hook.
Main Features: Single drive/two way (backward only on linear road)
Application Industry and Scenario:
Electronics industry: vehicle and fixture handling
Home appliance industry: material rack traction, jig handling
Automobile industry: material rack traction, tools, material handling

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