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Tilting wheel sorting machine
pendulum wheel sorting machine
pendulum wheel sorting machine
Tilting wheel sorting machine
pendulum wheel sorting machine
pendulum wheel sorting machine

Tilting wheel sorting machine/balance wheel sorting machine/sorting machine/pendulum wheel sorting machine

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Function characteristics of balance wheel sorting machine:

Its modular design, modular unit combination, customized, interchangeability, easy to assemble, easy to maintain;

Small impact on goods, effectively avoid damage to the surface of goods, sorting a wide range of categories, especially for the relatively flat bottom of the soft bag and woven bag sorting;

Strong applicability, small floor area, through the increase, decrease the number of pendulum wheel group, convenient customers flexible application;

Goods can be sorted left and right, with high sorting efficiency. The sorting efficiency is ≥3500 pieces/hour, and the labor cost can be reduced by 70%.

High sorting accuracy, advanced information recognition technology, sorting accuracy up to 99.9%, operating noise ≤75db;

A large domestic e-commerce: cold chain high-speed balance wheel sorting
Introduction to product advantages;

With low input cost, it can be used for sorting at the front end or the end end, which can adapt to a larger package range and make the system stable and fast with the clever use of the servo system. It is a practical tool for sorting in express delivery, e-commerce, warehousing and other industries.


Balance wheel sorting machine is also called oblique guide wheel sorting machine, or are called balance wheel sorting machine.It is an important part of automatic sorting system.Tilting wheel sorting machine is mainly composed of conveying roller, synchronous steering controller, transmission device and rack.During the operation, according to the instructions and information identification issued by the management system, the steering controller changes the operation direction of the conveying roller, which can realize the sorting of the left and right sides of the goods and transfer the goods to the shunt conveyor.
Project configuration:

Sorting machine sorting the number of lattice mouth 44;

Number of balance wheel units: 26 groups;

Sorting efficiency: ≥4500 pieces/hour (based on the size of the incubator);

Size range: MAX. 800L×500W×500H, 40kg; MIN. 200L×100W×10H, 200g;

AGV handling efficiency: 120 plates/hour.

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